White gold drinking water , the moving brand in the hands of the number one choice marketers ,cdrmarketers, is now one of the most sought after water by Ghanaians.


Ambassadors go on the market and research, use journalistic probabilities and see the linkages.


CDR marketers keep the house to house tour as a priority and now streaking in OSU and its environs, in Greater Accra.


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Working with dedicated people everyday, is the assurance of white gold brand on higher heights.

White gold drinking water, perfectly refreshing !!!



Artiste: UL ft. Kawa
Social: @ulhoose
Titlr: Ade Ato Mani lyrics
Album: Risen
Tags: #ulhoose, #UL, #Kawa , #AdeAtoMani SOCIETAL VIBZ, #LYRICS

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Mr. UL WhatsApp, now we have to speak out, Ade nash3 meboso ats3 manka 3b3mame catarrh,

Kawa Shi’a me Wo club, ask your boys say WhatsApp, monhw3 stage noso meb3s3iho with a lip off,

UL wait a minute, they are even kidding, way too loose and we bang on the telly,

Azonto mame chip off, Rapcologists hands up, ULu4nodamn

UL – verse 1

I need no introduction , you should know me by my lyrics

On the real, I’m not claiming I’m the best but I’m a big ish , you for chill,

My negg*s who are watching while I’m hoosing, its a lil bit of pepper and chicken , you know we saucing, I say hoose,

I was , I am, and will be the rapper with the flair , if its sounding bad , remove all the waxes from your ear,

Don’t you fear love is rare, got to keep your head up high, all day and night prying out to cheer(he he)

UL – Chorus

Baby dabiaa womma metiri bom,

S3 wopeneso mame nkoaa di3 a, me mede b3 bom,

Enti odo a medo Wo nti na woy3 me saa?

Dabiaa menkasa nti na wamma Ade Ato Mani;

Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Eeeei Ade Ato Mani
Megyemeho a 3ngyeooo

Ade Ato Mani, baby Ade Ato Mani,
Eeeei, Ade Ato Mani,
Mentumi ngye menu kraaa eh

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White gold drinking water sponsored, SOCIETAL VIBZ
UL and white gold team

Kawa – verse 2

Wei y3 free styling, s3 Wo feeli rap na, mame, some smiling 2×

Thanking God Jehovah, mefiri soro na meba

Menya si fem, propaganda foo no mamakwaaba
Now the game is over, afei mofr3 me soldier,
3ny3 Nyame nadimekyi kraaa, anka mateada
The prime keji kejis, they never understood, me,
They keep on asking me why, I must admit it.
You try to change your pitches, go down if you want it, Rock with the beat go down it want it:
Momma me F, momma me A, me rap ne me punch, never underrate, me
flow no y3 heavy, etumi pae plate
U can never be me cos I never imitate.

UL – chorus

Baby dabiaa womma metiri bom

S3 Wo peneso Mame nkoaa di3a me mede b3 bom

Enti odo a me do Wo nti na Wo y3 me saa?

Dabiaa Menkasa nti na wamma Ade Ato Mani

Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Eeeei Ade Ato Mani
Megye menu 3ngyeooo

Ade Ato Mani
Baby Ade Ato Mani
Eeeei Ade Ato Mani
Mentumi ngye meho kraaa eh


UL – fun verse

I just dey, chork one corner,

Memp3 mehu as3m abi you know Dada,

Girl yi se hi, megyenedo d3 mama,

You are such a beauty Queen na wonso wowo Ghana?

Rro UL , mede eeeei , Ose papa

Wodi3 obaa bias hu Wo p3 na wagyiga,

Meshw3 a , girl yi nso biabiaa abobo kama

Backside 3na front style no y3 Yokohama…

Kawa  – intrude
Hey tie;
3maa ebuso ama sesei y3y3 promo
Kalayi body y3 soft, ay3 tswan s3 atombo,
Eve the normal things we we de do,
Mep3 mmaa , y.o.l.o yolo, Mame Esi odo nti y3do no de ya toasti
Mentumi gyae Wo do nti fa akokoduro , face, y3se woy3 any3n
The easy way to kill me, wode3 mame parazo ne nkuraduro, baby I will die for you.

UL – touch – chorus

Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Wamma Ade Ato Mani
Eeeei Ade Ato Mani
Megye mehu3ngyeooo

Ade Ato Mani,
Baby Ade Ato Mani
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei Ade Ato Mani
Mentumi ngye meho kraaa eh


The house to house tour for white gold drinking water @Osu – in Accra, Ghana.

CDR marketers having seen how Ghanaian market is, came out with a closer formula approaching consumers for their consumerism, the formula known as the house – to – house formula.


White gold drinking water’s consumers at OSU, since the house – to – house approach, have so far been abreast with the water and demanding supplies.


White gold drinking water packaged by perfect pharmaceutical limited.

The water is sourced from municipal and natural well water and purified through sure series of multi step processing which makes the water unique .

CDR marketers keep the house to house tour as a priority and go out on the market to research and find real solutions to facilitate the grounds of the natural water.


White gold drinking water, perfectly refreshing!!!